Golden days and not

Let’s say it, it’s a matter of fact that we are all tremendously bored. We are bored by the here and now because it is not like the past, and because the future will be even worse. We are bored by the past because perhaps before there was more talent, but there was less evolution. We are bored and afraid of the future because if the present already sucks, we do not dare to imagine the next few years. Nothing is ever good enough. We are in the present and we would love to have lived in the past. But inside of us, in that distant glimmer of honest conscience that we can not hide, we know that if we were in the past we would have been bored, and we would have been dreaming of the future, the today’s present we live in. Ok, I do not know if that makes sense to you, but I hope so. Let’s go on, how many times have we heard or even exclaimed ourselves “oh yes, but before it was all better.” And I’m not referring to anything particularly mystifying, nothing political, social, civil. It’s music I’m speaking about, of artists, of currents, clubs and everything else related to it. How often do you come to terms with the past, listening to records from 10,20,30 years ago, thinking how much better they sound than the records released yesterday or the day before yesterday. But is it really like this? Was it really all better in the past? Records and artists included?


This is actually a question that has bothered me for years, and I think it will probably continue to bug me for years and years to come . I can already see myself in 10 years listening to the latest release of some dj born in the early 2000s and think that back then when I was really inside it all, 10 years before, the music was better. Why does that record not sound as good as those of my favourite artists of that time … why? It’s like that, come on. Stop. Ok. This is a vicious circle, the case of two parallel lines which extend infinitely without ever touching each other. Is it okay? I do not know. Let’s say we do accept it because we’ve been educated like this, we grew up with this feeling and this mindset. What has been there before was superior. We take the statement as true and we keep it well in mind, defending and accepting it also, without ever forgetting it. Without ever disputing it. But is it really like this? One of the simplest things I could say is that maybe things before, and without generalizing, let’s keep talking about music, had simply a different flavour. I’m talking about records, tracks, songs, as well as artists. But is it truly possible that only those born in the last generation are the good ones? And in the generation before, were there even better ones?

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Honestly, this makes no sense. I think the only thing that changes over time, is the mentality, the way you approach the music, and the way you see it.I am sure that those who have experienced the scene in its early days, and I mean the real scene of Detroit or Chicago, if they would have seen and scrutinized the nowadays scene we are living today as their future, they would have been proud and also envious of something they could not enjoy back in their time.Today people are talking about mainstream and underground, fake DJs and true artists, daily battles that take place every day on the web and in the club life, but what is mainstream? What is underground? Are we really able to define these words? Do they have a sense? Music does not make the world go around, nor do the DJs. Music is art and culture, and evolves around the cultural changes that we humans go through or create every day. It is no one’s fault if now to hear an artist super mega underground from South America, you just need to go on Youtube and find his extended boiler room set, seeing even how he moves his hands to mix and being able to tell if he had slept the night before from the dark circles under his eyes.We have reduced the world to a small, confined space, and it is normal that everything works differently compared to when the world was still a huge ellipse, as abstract as infinitely large. Lets admit that art has no age. And so neither does the music. It’s us humans that grow old, no one else. We are the ones that are never happy, especially about things that we can not get hold of or that we can not touch, experience or,  feel. We are the ones who always criticize what goes through our hands today, because we peek from behind the door what passed between the hands to those before us; and in one way or another we are always envious.

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I do not want to be misunderstood. I am not saying that you are all fools to think that techno, or call it electronic music in general, was better in the past. I want to stress , however, that I’m not even arguing that now is better than before, but in the end, do we really care? We are lucky to be able to compare or enjoy various periods of inspiration as well as moments, tracks and currents. We do give too much importance to dates, and think too little about the essence. We should relax and enjoy what we have accumulated over the years, and continue to accumulate for what will be, for evolution, for the passion, because music should not have age. Those who grow older are us human beings. Music remains forever a child until we have the passion to listen to it. As long as you listen to it for love, and without being rude asking “Hey you, how old are you?”.